About Us


uFehra Beauty is committed to the freedom of makeup! The freedom to play, mix, and create. The freedom to transform yourself while staying true to yourself. We are all beautiful creators regardless of age, gender, race or sexuality; makeup is our safe space. We strive to leave a positive impact on the beauty industry, and test our products on friends and family.

We use ingredients that are beneficial for the wearer. High quality skin care is at the core of our products, ensuring the beauty based benefits last long after the application. We want you to look and feel your best- however that is defined! Each ingredients is selected with purpose to provide you not only with the fun colour of cosmetics, but awesome comfort as well.



I'm a makeup artist that's worked in the industry for 8 years and I've decided to start making my own cosmetics to create something myself and my clients will love. This line will really be about having fun with makeup no matter what that means to you. The goal is to have something for everyone to feel beautiful and confident in! I love the transformative qualities of makeup and seeing a client light up when they feel like they look their best and I want to further extend my reach to bring that feeling to as many people as I can.